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Greenville city league ball recap

Dixie League ball is winding down with all leagues completing their regular season except for Dixie Debs.

There were 17 games played from May 28 -31 and the bats were still in full swing with 14 homeruns being recorded.

Players recording a homerun: Jordan Davidson, Sequoya Johnson, Braxton Hartley, Griffin Gaston, Vincent Savage, Natalie Skipper, Jeremiah Coleman, Hays Ellis, Jada Hardaway, Lela Mansmann, Anna Thomas, and IziB Foster.

The big swinger and one of the hot pitchers for the week was Natalie Skipper, who plays in the Dixie Angel League for the Diamond Sluggers. She recorded three homeruns for the week and six strikeouts in a winning effort against the Explosion.

The hot pitcher for the week was Kaityln Neese, who plays in the Dixie Debs League for the Bustin’ Babes. She recorded nine strikeouts against the Diamond Divas.

Other hot pitchers were Dixie Debs Alex Little and IziB Foster. Little plays for the Diamond Divas and recorded seven strikeouts against the Bustin Babes. Foster plays for the Bustin’ Babes and recorded six strikeouts against the Diamond Divas.


May 28

Dixie Mite

Angels  5              vs            Red Sox                4

Rays       6              vs            Dodgers               4


Dixie Angels

Shockers              13           vs            Explosion             11

Shockers              7              vs            Diamond Sluggers            6


Dixie Minors

Cardinals              10           vs            Cubs      0

Marlins 8              vs            Mariners              7


Dixie Debs

Diamond Divas  9              vs            Bustin’ Babes     4


May 30

Dixie Mite

Red Sox 9            vs            Dodgers               4

Rays       8              vs            Astros   5


Dixie Angels

Diamond Sluggers            11           vs            Explosion             6

Diamond Sluggers            6              vs            Explosion             5


Dixie Minor

Marlins 8              vs            Cardinals              2

Mariners              6              vs            Orioles  6


May 31

Dixie Ponytails

Showtime           14           vs            Challengers        4

Krushers              12           vs            Dynamite            11


Dixie Debs

Bustin’ Babes     5              vs            Diamond Divas  1

Crossfire              5              vs            Diamond Divas  1

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