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Fish advisories in effect for area: part 2


The Greenville Standard


Fish advisories have been issued for the southern portion of Butler County.

A document titled “Alabama Fish Consumption Advisories” was released on July 17 on the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) website; those advisories are still in effect.

According to the document, the ADPH issued several advisories for Region 5, which includes most of Butler County, Covington County, and Escambia County.

Of particular concern is an advisory that has been issued for Persimmon Creek at Alabama Highway 106 just west of Georgiana. According to the warning, no species of fish should be eaten that come from this water source due to high levels of mercury.

In nearby Covington County, warnings for largemouth bass were issued for fish found in Gantt Reservoir Lake, Patsaliga Creek, and Point A Reservoir.

Only two largemouth bass meals of fish from Gantt Reservoir and Patsaliga Creek should be consumed per month, but Point A Reservoir received a do not eat any meals of largemouth bass advisory due to high levels of mercury.

Point A Reservoir also received an advisory for channel catfish. The recommendation there was two meals per month due to high levels of mercury.

Finally, in Escambia County, an advisory was issued for the Sepulga River near the vicinity of Brooklyn. That advisory warns people not consume any fish from that water source area.

While eating fish can be healthy, consumers do need to be aware of the advisories in order to protect themselves from consuming potentially harmful minerals.

For more information, see the full document at

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