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Local martial artists storm Sun Classic

The 32 Annual Sun Classic Open Karate Tournament was held on Sept. 14 of this month in Panama City, Fla. JR Arnold High School of Panama City and the World Yoshukai Federation hosted the annual event.

Competitors from seven states and as far away as Kentucky made the long trip to compete. There was an extremely large crowd for this thirty second year and twelve students from the Isshinryu Karate School of Andalusia under the tutelage Seventh Dan Sensei Mark Rudd, and two students from the Sekkin Sen Karate Do Uechiryu School under Sixth Dan Ray Van Cor made the trek.

The Andalusia Isshinryu group had an incredible outing with seven first place wins, 10 second place, a third place and six fourth place finishes to include a Youth Black Belt Grand Champion courtesy of Taj Patel of Opp.

Diana Sipper of Georgiana, from the Greenville Uechiryu School, brought home three first place trophies in Musical, open hand kata and weapons out of a considerable large group in her division.

Evergreen’s Rhys Stanford, also of the Greenville Uechiryu School, in only his second outing took second place out of 11competitors in weapons and fifth in open hand kata.

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