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On this day in sports history


The Greenville Standard


As I write it is 3:37 p.m.  Friday, Sept. 27. I am gonna predict the winners of the SEC games by this way.

Line of Scrimmage (LOC), Big C’s point system and turnover margin. Alabama vs Ole Miss. LOS Alabama +80.0 yards.

Point System Alabama +15,Ole Miss -2 Turnover Margin Alabama +2 Ole Miss .50. Winner Alabama.

Auburn-Mississippi State LOS Auburn +170 Miss State+85. Point System Auburn +19 Miss State +6 Turnover Margin Miss State +1.

Auburn-0.25 tied 12th Winner Auburn.

Texas A&M vs Arkansas. Texas A&M LOS 33.50 Arkansas -3.75. Point System Texas A&M 0 Arkansas -3. Turnover Margin Texas A&M -0.25 tied 12th Arkansas 0,00 Winner Texas A&M.

Kentucky-South Carolina LOS Kentucky 25.0, South Carolina 48.0. Point System Kentucky-1, South Carolina-5, Turnover Margin Kentucky 0.00 South Carolina-3.00. Winner Kentucky.

Florida vs Towson State Gators in a blowout 63-7.


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