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Entering game day on Oct. 5, there are six SEC teams ranked in the top twenty five.

This is amazing. Alabama #1, Georgia #3, LSU #5, Auburn #7,  Florida #10 and Texas A&M #25.

Let’s see who these teams have or will play on their schedule. Alabama faces Texas A&M on Oct. 12. On Nov. 9 LSU will face Auburn.

Nov 9 LSU(5) Nov 30 Auburn(7). 3. Georgia # 9 Notre Dame 23-17. LSU(5), Auburn (7), Florida (10), Texas A&M(25). 5. LSU-Texas(11) 45-38. Florida(10), Auburn (7), Alabama (1), Texas A&M(25). 7.

Auburn Oregon(13) 27-21. Texas A&M(25) 28-20. Florida(10). LSU(5). Georgia (3). Alabama(1). 10. Florida-Auburn(7). LSU(5). Georgia(3). 25.Texas A&M Clemson(2) 10-24. Auburn(7) 20-28. Alabama(1). Georgia(3), LSU(5).

The next few weeks there will not be five teams from The SEC in the top 10. Fasten your seat belts. It is gonna be a wild ride.


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