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McKenzie to get turn lanes


The Greenville Standard


After several years of McKenzie Mayor Lester Odom urging the state of Alabama to install turn lanes at two of the major intersections leading to the Town of McKenzie, it is finally going to happen.

The costs of the two projects will be$553,750.50 and will be funded through ATRIP- II funds granted by the Alabama Department of Transportation.

The grant does not require a local funding match.

Odom stated, “We are very excited and very pleased. We have been begging for this ever since the road went through. They finally began to listen to us three or four years ago after the number of wrecks and publicity.

“I think the state finally realized we had a problem. One of the complaints I had was this was the only section of U.S. Hwy 31 that didn’t have any turning lanes.

“There are turn lanes in Conecuh County at dirt roads, but I am elated that we are finally getting turn lanes at the intersection of North Garland Road and South Garland Road where they intersect U.S. 31.”

Odom added that the turning lane project was one of 28 projects selected from a list of 121 applications.

“You have to be really careful when you are turning and watch in front of you and behind you,” Odom said. “Often I will go to the turning lane near the Dollar General so I can make a safe turn and not get in an accident.

“I want to thank Gov. Kay Ivey and Rep. Chris Sells for helping us get this needed project.”

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