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30 million.

According to the World Population Review website, that number represents the total population of people living in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Louisiana combined.

30 million is also the total number of people in America who are currently living with diabetes.

And while that number is staggering, the prediction is that it will only get worse.

According to an online article titled “The Places in America Where Diabetes Rates Are Increasing the Fastest” on the website, the epicenter of the diabetes epidemic in America is right here in the South.

“Today, over 30 million Americans suffer from the disease, 71,000 thousand limbs are amputated each year due to its complications, and it costs over $300 BN each year,” states the aforementioned article. “And it’s about to get worse. In every part of the United States, it’s expected to get costlier and more pervasive.”

Although it is a border state to the South, West Virginia is currently in the process of becoming the state with the highest number of people living with diabetes.

“By 2030, the state with the highest rate of diabetes will be West Virginia, where over 20% of the population will be afflicted,” states the article.

Alabama is currently in fourth place with the highest number of people who have diabetes. The South also has six other states listed in the highest number category.

Regrettably, the projection for America as a whole is that the number of cases of diabetes will rise by 38% by 2030.

This is an epidemic.

It is one people know about and that people know that can partially be prevented. Yet, Americans are turning a blind eye to the truth.

In the month of November “The Standard” will be running a weekly series about Diabetes Awareness Month.

Follow us in the weeks to come as we explore this issue!

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