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Suspicious package causes courthouse closure


The Greenville Standard


A suspicious package found outside of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office at the Butler County Courthouse early this morning, Tuesday, Jan. 14, led Butler County Sheriff Danny Bond to close the courthouse and the surrounding roads leading to the courthouse.

Bond said the package was placed at the door and was addressed to someone not working in the Sheriff’s Office or courthouse.

Bond found the addressee and that person said they were not expecting a package.

Bond said, “After finding out that information I decided to it was best to be on the safe side and close the courthouse and roads leading into it. It may not be anything but for everyone’s safety, I feel it is the right course of action.”

By 9 a.m., City of Greenville roads crews had blocked off the roads.

According to Bond, the bomb squad from Montgomery was contacted and is expected to take the package and blow it up.

Bond stated they have developed a suspect and he will be questioned about the package.

“I also contacted the State Bureau of Investigation and they are also on the way,” said Bond.

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