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It’s all about the kids


The Greenville Standard


It never ceases to amaze me when you meet people who are already laden with a heavy pack as we say in the military.

Full time jobs, families, and all manner of things life put on their proverbial plates, yet they still find the time to serve something greater than themselves.

I’m not referring to volunteering a couple of hours a week, which is still awesome, but long hours day in and day out for no money or recognition and Jonathan Eric Gomillion is one of them.

Eric is the Parks and Recreation Director for the Town of McKenzie.

Eric works full time for Alabama Power, with a wife and children of his own and attends McKenzie Baptist Church.

I was taken back at first to learn Gomillion receives no pay or stipend for performing his duties as director, which made me ask why? As Eric phrased it, “It’s all about the kids.”

Gomillion went on to say, “I love these kids and this community and I myself went through this very program.”

Eric oversees youth football, basketball and baseball, which pretty much blanket the entire year. Eric said, “There’s a few things I’d like to add, girls volleyball and I wish we could get a couple of ballparks built here.”

I have no idea what that would cost. The school works with us in every way possible and McKenzie School principle Miles Brown goes way out of the way to support us. We depend on fundraising, donations and grants to keep the ball rolling.”

My next question to Gomillion was, “Lord, where would you find the time?” He replied, “You make time!

“Don’t get me wrong it’s tough and we have great volunteers and our previous directors that have paid the way and were thankful for them, but I wished more kids would come out and join us.”

People like Jonathan Eric Gomillion are an inspiration. “It’s about the kids.”

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