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Butler County Primary Election unofficial results


The Greenville Standard


The results of the 2020 Democratic and Republican primaries unofficial voting counts are in for Butler County.

There were 5,823 unofficial votes cast today. There were 2,227 Democratic and 3,554 Republican votes cast.


On the Democratic side for President, Joe Biden was the majority winner for President with 1,451 votes.

Michael Bloomberg had 507 votes.

Elizabeth Warren had 28 votes.

Bernie Sanders had 171 votes.


For the U.S Second Congressional Seat from Alabama, Nathan Mathis had 1,230 votes.

Phyllis Harvey Hall had 667 votes.


For District Two Board of Education, Carolyn Kelley Crenshaw had 268 votes.

Lois H. Robinson had 254 votes.


On the Republican side for President, Donald Trump, was the majority winner with 3,387 votes.

Bill Weld had 40 votes.


For the U.S. Senate, Jeff Session had 1,290 votes.

Tommy Tubberville had 901 votes.

Bradley Byrne had 807 votes.

Roy Moore had 398 votes.


For the U.S Second Congressional Seat from Alabama, Jeff Coleman had 1,236 votes.

Troy King had 736 votes.

Jessica Taylor had 721 votes.

Barry Moore had 359 votes.

Terri Hasdorff had 239 votes.


For District Judge, Nicki McFerrin had 1,788 votes.

Tim Craig had 1,676 votes.


For District One Commissioner, Joey Peavy had 610 votes.

Alvin Stinson had 307 votes.

Jay Lee Pierce had 157 votes.


For District Three Commissioner, Rebecca Butts had 486 votes.

Chad Grant had 415 votes.


For District Five Commissioner, Johnny Stapleton had 277 votes.

James Blackmon had 268 votes.


For District Three Board of Education, Brandon Sellers had 677 votes.

Paul Mitchell had 208 votes.

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