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The Greenville Standard


Lifeline Church on Cahaba Road was broken into this past week and approximately $6,000 of sound and projection equipment was stolen.

According to Lifeline Church Pastor Eric Jackson, the police department and sheriff’s office have been good about going by to check on the building, but it was one of those things that just happen.

No suspects have been developed but an investigation is currently ongoing according to Jackson.

Jackson said, “Nobody wants to be victimized or have their property taken. Everybody feels violated and you lose a sense of your security when things like this happen.

“We understand at Lifeline Church the battle we are in is spiritual battle. Those who broke into a church to take things and use for profit, they are in a situation where they need Christ.

“I just wish they would have come when we are open and gave us a chance to love on them, feed them breakfast and worship with us, but they chose to come when we were closed.

“We don’t hold any grudges against them. We do believe in justice and there is consequence to your sins in this life and in heaven, but it not going to stop us from loving or forgiving them for what they have done.

“I hope they would confess and let’s get this all straight.

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