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Achiever Award Scholarship 2020

It’s time for the annual Achiever Award winners to be presented; however, this year’s award will be presented a little different from the year’s past as the area’s top high school students vie for the honors.

“In the face of coronavirus, continued social distancing suggestions by the state, county and city, and rise in positive cases in Butler County,  it is with heavy hearts that the Achiever Award committee has made the decision to not host an in-person banquet for the 2020 Achiever Award Scholarship,” Tracy Salter, executive director of the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce, said.

“The Achiever Scholarship Banquet is a longstanding tradition for the community; it was not a decision that came easily for the Achiever Award Committee.

It was a decision made because the health and welfare of the nominees and families, volunteers and citizens of the community must come first.”

Salter said that after much thought and consideration by the Achiever Award committee, that each nominee will be able to participate in the interview portion of the scoring process and will be able to do so in person at the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, June 11.

“Each nominee has been provided a specific interview time and detailed instructions for their respective interview time.

“In an effort to limit exposure and maintain social distancing guidelines, the interview portion of the Achiever Award Scholarship will include the nominee only, parents will not be required to meet and greet the judges the day of the interview.

“There will be two interview rooms with three judges in each room. One room will be dedicated for female nominee interviews, one for male nominee interviews.

“There will be no more than four people in one room at a time and each person will be seated a minimum of 6 feet apart. This will allow the interview process to be completed in one full day while allowing each nominee a minimum of 20 minutes in his or her interview.

“No one will be allowed inside the building except the Achiever Award Scholarship Committee, nominees and judges.

“The Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce will go above and beyond to adhere to the CDC guidelines regarding social distancing, cleaning and disinfecting the interview areas.”

Salter said that if a nominee is not comfortable with the interview setting, that every effort will be made to provide the nominee with an interview via Zoom.

“This is the 23rd year for the Achiever Award Program,” Salter said. “It is sponsored jointly by the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Greenville YMCA.

“The program was designed to recognize outstanding senior male and female athletes of Butler County, not only athletes, but also those who exemplify the attributes of Christian, community and academic leadership.

“Carrying on Butler County’s Achiever Award tradition is important to each of us, the volunteers, sponsors, partner organizations and our community.

“While we are saddened by the unprecedented situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed to continuing the Achiever Award Scholarship tradition of recognizing each and every nominee.”

This year’s presentation of the male and female scholarship winners will be presented via live stream production. The live stream ceremony will be hosted on the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page on Thursday, June 25 at 4 p.m.

If you have any questions, please contact the Chamber at 334-382-3251 or the YMCA at 334-382-0550.

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