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By DananWhiddon


The pandemic has changed the way we see so many things. Just a few of the things we’ve come to appreciate more every day are the hard work and dedication of our local health care providers as well as the dangers they face on a daily basis.

Our local heroes have done so much for this community despite the possible risk of infection to themselves.

One such group of people are the healthcare providers at the Regional Medical Center of Central Alabama.

On the afternoon of May 17, local resident, Larry Coker, was rushed to the emergency room after suffering a life-threatening heart attack.

He had to be revived more than once before he was air-lifted to Montgomery for surgery. It was our nurses and doctors who kept Larry alive.

And he’s not the only one. Every day, our health care heroes do everything in their power to keep us all safe. This is a great time to recognize their sacrifices and excellent work in our community.

This past week, the Cokers did just that by delivering a donation to the emergency department staff at the hospital. Over 67 Greenville residents showed their appreciation by buying tie-dye t-shirts that had been printed with the “I Believe in Greenville” motto and the proceeds from those shirts were donated to the staff at the RMCCA.

These last few months have been difficult; celebrating our successes wherever we can find them uplifts us all.

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