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Coaches Corner previews football season


The Greenville Standard


Head football coaches from high schools across Butler County gathered at Beeland Park Recreation Center in Greenville on Tuesday, Aug. 4, to answer questions about their upcoming seasons and the impact of COVID-19.

Q-94’s Kyle and Dave asked questions of the coaches and broadcast the event sponsored by the Greenville Kiwanis Club and the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce.

For Greenville, Josh McLendon stated they had a young team with 77 players currently practicing. He expects to run a spread offense based off the run.

His defense will be a flexible 3-4 and said expectations are high among the coaches and players for a great season even though they have several tough games.

As for returning to practice during the pandemic, McLendon said the kids need structure in their lives and the program was taking precautions to provide for their safety.

For Georgiana, Ezell Powell stated they would also have a young team with 27 players. He expects to run a spread offense and a flexible 3-3 stack defense. “Speed has been our ally,” said Powell.

Powell indicated he was not totally in favor returning to practice, but said he feels for the kids and it’s been a challenge and they were doing everything they could to keep players, coaches and their families at home safe.

For FDA, Speed Sampley stated they also had a young team of 33 players from grades 7-12. He expects to run a spread offense with a flexible 3-3 stack defense.

Sampley said he thought the athletes should play and be back in an environment with friends. They are also taking precautions, among which is the purchase of 1,750 bottles of water every week for the various fall sport athletes.

For McKenzie, new coach Drew Fluker inherits a young team also. He plans to run a Wing-T and I formation with and flexible 3-4 defense.

He said he has been preaching to his players about bringing tradition back to the program and also feels the kids should play to help bring normalcy.

Drew Luker was not able to attend in person, due to being tested positive for coronavirus, but did speak by phone.



8/28 Jackson Academy (H)

9/4 Tuscaloosa Academy (A)*

9/11 Clarke Prep (H)*

9/25 Sparta Academy (A)

10/2 Hooper Academy (A)

10/9 Monroe Academy (A)*

10/16 Bessemer Academy (H)*

10/23 Morgan Academy (A)*

10/30 Lowndes Academy (H)



8/21 vs Lanett (H)

8/28 New Brockton (H)

9/4 Pleasant Home (A)*

9/11 Florala (H)*

9/18 Kinston (H)*

10/2 Red Level (A)*

10/9 Brantley (H)*

10/16 Samson (A)*

10/23 McKenzie (A)*

10/30 Luverne (H)



8/21 Hillcrest (H)

8/28 Blount (A)

9/4 Charles Henderson (A)*

9/11 Headland (H)*

9/25 Wetumpka (H)

10/2 Rehobeth (A)*

10/9 Carroll (A)*

10/16 Andalusia (H)*

10/23 Pike Road (H)*

10/30 Carver (A) (H)



8/28 Marengo (A)

9/4 Red Level (H)*

9/11 Brantley (A)*

9/18 Samson (H)*

9/25 JF Shields (H)

10/2 Pleasant Home (A)*

10/9 Kinston (A)*

10/16 Florala (H)*

10/23 Georgiana (H)*

10/30 Fruitdale (A)


(H) Home

(A) Away

* Regional game

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