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Unofficial municipal election results in Butler County


The Greenville Standard


Municipal election results were held in Greenville, Georgiana, and McKenzie, on Tuesday, Aug 25.


For Greenville elections, unofficial vote totals are as follows:


Dexter McLendon           1349

Kenneth Crum  1008

District 3

Joseph West      268

Tommy Ryan      261

District 4

Jae’Ques Brown               224

Jimmy Lawson   158


For Georgiana elections, unofficial vote totals are as follows:


Franklin Betterton           322

Jerome Antone                165

District 1

Robin McCombs               52

Bernard Rudolph              47

District 3

Melvin Brewer  23

Carnell Littles     23

Jacqueline Gandy            19

District 4

Johnny Mack Colvin        70

Tuwanna Whittle             38


For McKenzie election, unofficial vote totals are as follows:

Lester Odom      94

Tammy Armstrong Bush               58


The elections will not be certified until early next week. There will be a city council runoff election for District 3 in Georgiana on October 6.

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