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It’s official, votes certified


The Greenville Standard


On Tuesday, September 1, the city councils of Greenville, Georgiana, and McKenzie met to canvass the votes for the August 25 election.

All three city councils voted to approve resolutions canvassing the election results.

Greenville was the only municipality which had provisional ballots to tally. There were 13 ballots cast but only six were allowed and did not change the outcome of the election.

Mayor Dexter McLendon stated at Greenville’s City Council special called meeting, “I would like to say thank you to the Clerk’s office. You have done a wonderful job.”

McLendon added, “I look forward to working with our two new city council members (Joseph West and Jae’Ques Brown).” Incumbent city council members Bryan Reynolds (District 1), Ed Sims (District 2), and Boris Thigpen (District 5) ran unopposed.

This will be McLendon’s fifth term as the Mayor of Greenville.

For Georgiana’s City Council Larry Rudolph (District 2) and Darlene Busky(District 5) ran unopposed and will be new to the council. For the District 3 City Council seat, Melvin Brewer and Carnell Littles will have a runoff election on October 6.

All candidates for city council seats in McKenzie ran unopposed. There were three incumbents, Jacqueline Davison (District 1), Betty Brown (District 2), and Haleigh Taunton (District 2). Annie Peterson (District 1) and Matt Coghlan (District 2) will be new to the McKenzie City Council.

All municipal elected officials will be sworn in on November 2.


For Greenville elections, official vote totals are as follows:


Dexter McLendon           1,350

Kenneth Crum  1,013

District 3

Joseph West      268

Tommy Ryan      261

District 4

Jae’Ques Brown               225

Jimmy Lawson   159


For Georgiana elections, official vote totals are as follows:


Franklin Betterton           322

Jerome Antone                165

District 1

Robin McCombs               52

Bernard Rudolph              47

District 3

Melvin Brewer  23

Carnell Littles     23

Jacqueline Gandy            19

District 4

Johnny Mack Colvin        70

Tuwanna Whittle             38


For McKenzie election, official vote totals are as follows:

Lester Odom      94

Tammy Armstrong Bush               58

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