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On this day in sports history


The Greenville Standard


On Sept. 12, 1970, I attended my first Alabama game 50 years ago this coming Saturday.

I was very excited to say the least. I was 13 and in the seventh grade. I rode up 1-65 with my Daddy, Bob and Tip Plummer.

The game was played at Legion Field that night. Back then, you had to exit at the Alabaster exit to go to Birmingham.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Civic Center. The Civic Center was being built at that time. We checked into the motel. I wore a tie to the game.

Back then people would dress up going to a game. Before leaving the motel, the opening game on national tv was on ABC-TV between Arkansas and Stanford in Little Rock.

Jim Plunkett played for Stanford. Arkansas had QB Bill Montgomery, WR Chuck Dicus and RB Bill Burnett. Stanford jumped on Arkansas 27-0 by the time we left the motel.

We took a cab to the game. There were two Southern Cal fans who were in the cab with us. One of the men looked like Coach John Wooden, it wasn’t him.

We got to Legion Field and the Million Dollar Band was lined up where we got out. At the time Alabama had two majorettes. They were tall, blonde, and pretty.

I remember we ran into Wayne Greenhaw who worked with my daddy at the Montgomery Advertiser.

We entered the stadium and set on the press box behind the Southern Cal bench. Alabama wore red jerseys with white helmets. Southern Cal wore red helmets.

Alabama received the opening kickoff and was forced to punt. Southern Cal drove downfield. Sam Cunningham scored from 22 yards and they missed The extra point.

Then Southern Cal scored on 32 yard field goal to make the score 15-0. Alabama scored on a 1- yard run by Johnny Musso and the kick good.

Now it 15-7 and I felt a little better. That feeling did not last long. Southern Cal scored another touchwdown to make score 22-7 at the half.

In the third quarter Southern Cal scored 10 more points to go up 32-7. Alabama scored on a 6- yard Scott Hunter pass to David Bailey and then failed on two point conversion attempt to make the score 32-13.

The Trojans scored 10 more points in the fourth and now the score is 42-13. Johnny Musso scored on a one-yard run and Hunter connected with Buddy Seay for two points to make it 42-21, which was the final.

This was a beat down. SC had 485 yards rushing while Alabama only gained 32 yards. SC had 559 yards while Alabama had 264 yards.

It was a rough start, but since then, a lot of happy endings. We next headed home.

We stopped at a Pasquale’s Pizza at a shopping center in Alabaster. Music was playing, the song “Patches” by Clarence Carter was playing.

Everytime I hear it, reminds me being at Pasquale’s in Alabaster. We got back home in time to watch Coach Bryant’s show. By the way, Stanford held on to win 34-28.

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