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On this day in sports history


The Greenville Standard


On this date September 26, 1970 Alabama played Florida at Denny Stadium.

Florida in 1969, finished at 9-1-1, beating Tennessee 14-13 in the Gator Bowl. Ray Graves retired as Florida’s coach.

Tennessee’s Doug Dickey was hired as head coach. Entering the game, Florida was 2-0 ranked #13. Florida beat Duke 21-19 and Mississippi State 34-13.

Alabama was 1-1 with a loss to Southern Cal 42-21 and beat Va.Tech 51-18. Alabama played like gangbusters.

In the first quarter, they scored 10 points, zero for Florida. Neb Hayden had a 1-yard run. Richard Ciemeny had a 33-yard field goal.

In the second quarter Florida narrowed the score to 10-7 on a Reaves to Rich 9- yard pass. Alabama scored on a Scott Hunter 15-yard pass to Dave Brungard which left the game score at 17-7, which was the score at the half.

In the third quarter Alabama scored on a Hayden to Griff Langston 10- yard pass. The score was Alabama 24-7 and the score entering the fourth quarter.

In the fourth quarter, JohnnyMusso scored on 6-yard run. It was Alabama 31-7. Florida scored on a 1-yard run and went for two and made it. It was Alabama 31-15.

Alabama scored two more touchdowns. Buddy Seay scored on a 3-yard run. Alabama went for two with a Hayden pass to Rod Steakley.

The score was Alabama 39-15. Terry Davis, third team quarterback, scored on a 13-yard run to make the final Alabama 46-15.

Alabama gained 286 yards rushing to Florida’s 41. For passing, Alabama had 200 to Florida’s 238 yards.

Total offensive yards for Alabama were 486 and Florida 279. It was a dominating performance.

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