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Straight party, write-in, and absentee voting


The Greenville Standard


Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill wants voters to be aware about straight party and write-in procedures when they cast their vote.

Voters who wish to vote straight party for all of the Democratic or Republican candidates on their ballot may do so by filling in the bubble next to their party preference at the top of their ballot.

If a voter wishes to vote for any candidate outside of the selected party, however, he or she may do so by filling in the bubble next to the preferred candidate’s name.

In doing so, the candidate(s) voted on outside of the voter’s designated party ballot will receive the vote for that particular race.

If a voter wishes to write-in a candidate, he or she may do so by filling in the bubble next to the box marked “Write-in” and then print the name of the preferred candidate on the designated line.

Write-in votes must be hand-written and not stamped or otherwise artificially applied to the ballot.

For absentee voting, voters can check the status of their ballot online.

“Through using our online portal, Alabama voters can check when their absentee ballot was sent out by the county, when their absentee ballot was returned to the county, and whether the ballot was accepted or rejected,” stated Secretary Merrill.

“In cooperation with local election officials, we have worked to provide a transparent system that allows Alabamians the opportunity to check the status of their ballot – further ensuring that their vote was counted and their voice was heard.”

This information is contingent upon the uploading of information by the county Absentee Election Managers who are working diligently to see that voters can participate safely and securely in the electoral process.

Questions about the status of your absentee ballot application should be directed to your county Absentee Election Manager’s Office.

As of September 30, there are 29 days left to apply for an absentee ballot.

Due to recently witnessed delays with the United States Postal Service, Secretary Merrill encourages voters interested in returning their ballot by mail to go ahead and make application for their absentee ballot.

For the November 3 General Election, sample ballots for Butler County can be found online at for the November 3 General Election.

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