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On this day in sports history


The Greenville Standard


On October 31, 1970, Alabama trounced Mississippi State 35-6. This was the second Alabama football game I ever attended.

It was homecoming and believe it or not, Mississippi State had a better record than Alabama entering the game.

State was 5-2 while Alabama was 4-3. State beat Georgia 7-6 and beat #17 Texas Tech 20-16. They lost to #14 Florida 34-13 and Houston 31-14.

Alabama beat #13 Florida 46-15 and #15 Houston 30-21. They lost to #3 USC 42-21, #7 Ole Miss 48-24 and #14 Tennessee 24-0.

My daddy was the State Editor of the Montgomery Advertiser. He did the color story on the game.

Friday night, the family attended the pep rally. Coach Bryant and the senior football players also attended.

On game day, I sat in the press box with my daddy, which was fun was fun. I found out you cannot cheer in the press box.

Alabama was highly motivated and played great. They were 15 seconds away from shutting out Mississippi State. They scored on a pass and went for two and failed.

That was a fun experience with Alabama winning big.

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