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County history made Nov. 3


The Greenville Standard


Last Tuesday’s General Election brought two historical moments for Butler County history.

Both, District Court Judge Elect Nicki McFerrin and District 3 Commissioner Elect Rebecca Butts became the first females voted to their respective positions.

McFerrin ran as a Republican against Democrat candidate Brandon Collins and received 5,086 votes to his 4,279.

Butts also ran as a Republican against Democrat incumbent Frank Hickman and received 1,098 votes to his 910.

McFerrin, who plans to hit the ground running in January 2021, said, “I am excited about scheduling our Butler County Children’s Policy Council meetings and reviewing county needs assessments to know how best to enhance our juvenile court. Streamlining court dockets to minimize delays for parties involved in pending cases is also a priority. I am thankful for all the support and ready to get to work in January.”

Butts said, “I have a lot to learn but I am familiar with the processes of county government and working within budgets. With my years of community service, I will bring a lot of experience to the table. I am excited and looking forward to working with the other commissioners. It was a dream of mine and the good Lord has helped me to fulfill it.”

Revenue Commissioner Deborah Crews was elected for a third term. She ran unopposed and received 6,393 votes, which was the most votes cast for any name listed on the ballot.

Crew said, “It is a privilege to work for the county and its citizens. To have run unopposed is quite humbling. I didn’t expect to receive so many votes. I will continue to do my best in service to the citizens of our county.”

The Nov. 3 vote totals are still unofficial until they are canvassed on Tuesday, Nov. 10, but no change is expected to the overall outcome of the races for Alabama and Butler County.

Of the 14,602 registered voters in Butler County, there were 9,505 ballots cast. With 23 of the 24 precincts counted there were 8,436 ballots cast at physical voting locations and 1,069 absentee ballots cast that were either delivered by hand or mailed.

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