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On this day in sports history


The Greenville Standard


Today I will discuss Alabama’s record for Nov. 14 and Nov. 21. On Nov. 14, Alabama is 12-2-1.

The first time they played on this date was in 1903 and they lost to Cumberland 44-0. Their first victory on this date was in 1925 when they face Florida in Montgomery and won 34-0.

The largest margin was of victory came in 1931 against Clemson. Alabama won in Montgomery 74-7. The tie came against Georgia in 1903 at Rickwood Field in Birmingham, 6-6.

No. 2 Alabama face off against No. 10 Georgia Tech. With two minutes left in the half, the score was 0-0. Enter Joe Namath who had been injured. At midfield, on the second play, Namath connects with David Ray to the 1-yard line. Steve Bowman scored.

Alabama then recovers an onside kick. Namath connects with Ray Ogden all the way to the 3-yard line. Then Namath connects with Ray for the touchdown.

In a minute and a half, Alabama was up 14-0 with Alabama winning 24-7.

Alabama’s record on Nov. 21 is 5-1. Alabama has hardly played on this date because they’ve played on Thanksgiving Day.

The first time they played on this date was in 1942 against Vanderbilt at Legion Field and they won 27-7. 1998 was the last time Alabama played Auburn at Legion Field. Alabama trailed 17-0 then scored 31 straight points to win 31-17.

The series was renewed in 1948 where they played at Legion Field from 1948-1988. 1989 was played at Jordan-Hare. In the nineties, Alabama played Auburn six times. Alabama record vs Auburn at Legion Field was 32-15.

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