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On this day in sports history


The Greenville Standard


According to Paul Myerberg of USA Today Network, he rated the 2011 National Championship Team as the second best of Nick Saban’s championship teams.

Defense was the strength of the team. It was ranked number one in four major defensive categories: scoring defense, 8.2 points per game; rushing defense, 72.15 per game; passing defense, 111.5 per game; and total defense, 183.6 per game.

The last team to accomplish this was the 1986 Oklahoma Team. The team had a rating of 24.51 (1/124) and strength of schedule 5.51 (14/124).

Alabama record was 12-1 overall and 7-1 SEC. They lost to LSU in overtime 9-6. They missed four field goals that night.

They were able to make it back to number two and have a rematch with LSU. Revenge was sweet with Alabama winning 21-0.

Alabama held LSU to 92 yards total offense and LSU did not cross the 50-yard line.

Alabama vs ranked teams in 2011: Sept. 10, Penn State #23, 27-11; Sept. 24, Arkansas, #14, 38-14; Oct. 1, Florida #12, 38-10; Nov. 5, LSU #1, 6-9; and Nov. 26, Auburn #24, 42-14.

In the final polls, AP had LSU #2 and Arkansas #5. BCS final poll had Auburn #25.

There is a saying in football, “It’s not the X’s and O’s. It’s the Jimmy’s and Joe’s. There were a total of 32 of them drafted between 2012-2015, senior class to the freshman class.

This team was loaded, especially on defense. Next week I will cover the third ranked team.

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