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Warrant amnesty period begins


The Greenville Standard


Do you have outstanding warrants in Butler County? Now is the time to take care of them.

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office is partnering with the District Attorney’s Office and hosting a warrant amnesty program through April 30.

Sheriff Danny Bond said, “We are reaching out to the community to help them clear their warrants. The program is designed to help those who are financially challenged to pay fines.”

“If a person has a warrant on them, especially for a traffic violation, they can call the DA’s Office and see if they meet the criteria to pay off fines at a reduced rate and have the warrant cleared,” said Bond.

He added, “We would like for citizens to get these items handled so they won’t have to go to jail. It’s the reason we do this.”

Bond also indicated that a person with a warrant could work out a payment program with the DA’s Office.

He qualified the specifics of the program and indicated that if person has a warrant for owed restitution it does not apply. He also said that any warrant with a fine could be considered by the DA’s Office for the warrant amnesty program.

Bond said the program has proven to be successful in the community. “It worked when I was with the Greenville Police Department and has proven to work when I instituted it for the Sheriff’s Office after I was elected.”

He encourages anyone interested in the warrant amnesty program to contact the DA’s Office at 334-382-7444 for more information.






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