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Sheriff’s Office has been busy


The Greenville Standard


The Butler County Sheriff’s Office has been busy over the last three weeks.

The first major arrest occurred on Tuesday, July 13, when RKenneo Andrews, age 34 and from Pensacola, Fla., and Carmen Zapata, age 37 and also from Pensacola, were caught trafficking Codeine and to be possession of marijuana in the second degree.

Butler County Sheriff Danny Bond said a deputy was about to initiate a traffic stop on U.S. Interstate 65 when his attention was diverted to a separate vehicle that swerved close to another vehicle.

The deputy then stopped the swerving vehicle and 16 one pound bottles of Codeine and a small amount of marijuana were found in the car. The street value according is four to nine thousand dollars. Both suspects are still being held in the Butler County Correctional Facility.

The next major arrest by sheriff’s deputies occurred on Tuesday, July 20, when Kaitlin Phelps, age 26 of Georgiana, was arrested and charged with attempted murder for discharging a firearm twice into an occupied vehicle.

Phelps allegedly shot into an occupied vehicle earlier that day in an apparent retribution action. The victim in the shooting was not injured.

Phelps action stemmed from the victim questioning her bank accounts at a local bank. She is currently being held in the BCCF and has a $500,000 bond.

No other charges have been made against Phelps but Bond said his office is working with the bank to investigate any possible fraudulent financial activities performed by Phelps.

The third major arrest occurred on July 27, when Melissa Vasquez, age 23 and from Texas, and Barrera Fidelia, age 38 and from Texas, were charged for drug trafficking heroin.

According to Bond, a deputy noticed the vehicle behaved in an erratic manor as they were traveling on U.S. Interstate 65.

After stopping the vehicle, six kilos of heroin laced with fentanyl were found in the car. Both suspects are still being held in the BCCF on bonds of $200,000 each.

According to the street value of the heroin ranges from $180,000 to $600,000.



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  1. Amber Bell on August 9, 2021 at 9:32 am

    In regards to Ms. Phelps the person she shot at was injured. She ran the person off the road after shooting at them. Trust me the person was very much injured.

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