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Karate comes to Georgiana


The Greenville Standard


Bryan Henry of WSFA TV reported two years ago that Georgiana is on the grow with the Family Dollar coming and in an interview with The Greenville Standard’s Ray Van Cor, Van Cor stated he was working to bring his karate studio and a restaurant to Georgiana.

Since that televised report, not only have the Family Dollar and Dollar Tree made it to Georgiana but Pharma Care, the Georgiana Opry House and now downtown finally the Sekkin Sen Karate Dojo has finally came to fruition.

Sixth Dan Renshi Ray Van Cor is teaching the Okinawan martial art Uechi Ryu along with other martial art techniques.

The fifty-eight year old retired Marine said, “It has always been a dream of mine to own my dojo.

I have taught in everything from parking garages, tents, muddy obstacle courses to very elaborate gymnasiums. I’ve taught children to combat Marines from ages six to 81 years old and watched as some have become World Champions and some received scholarships to college for martial arts, but I never had my very own place.”

He added, “I have had many setbacks, from a car wreck that I thought had ended my karate career to more recent setbacks with back surgery and a fall that fractured both of my feet. Working to get my own place has been expensive and time consuming but It has been my passion ever since my feet hit the hardwood floor of my first dojo in Okinawa and I am truly thankful and blessed.”

Van Cor says he plans to continue renovating and working towards his restaurant but has had been extremely slow due to the incredible high and rising cost of materials, finding labor, and then with the pandemic on the rise again, but intends to enjoy his life’s dream for a while.

Classes have already begun and if you’d like more information please contact Ray Van Cor at 334-362-3836

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