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Players of the Week

Greenville Tigers

Senior Javonte Herbert is the Greenville High School Player of the Week. He plays wide receiver for the Tigers. In their recent game against Andalusia, he caught four passes for 117 yards and two touchdowns. Coach Josh McLendon said, “Jakarrie played well for us and helped our team win an exciting game over a well-coached team.”


McKenzie Tigers

Senior JaKarrie McPherson is the McKenzie School Player of the Week. McPherson is a multi-position player for McKenzie. Coach Drew Luker said, “JaKarrie led the defense with 10 tackles and he showed great leadership during the game by being an unselfish team player on offense.”


Georgiana Panthers

Freshman Kaveon “KK” Miles is the Georgiana School Player of the Week. He plays S/OLB on defense and WR/QB on offense. Coach Bess said, “KK had a few issues early in the season but is getting in rhythm with more game reps. He’s only a ninth grader but plays like a veteran. He made a host of tackles with some for a loss. He also had multiple receptions with one being for a 68-yard touchdown.”


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