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Semi crashes into mobile home


The Greenville Standard


A transfer semi-truck ran into the Mountain View Trailer Park in Greenville in front of Regional Medical Center of Central Alabama (RMCCA) Saturday morning around 5:30 a.m. glancing one mobile home and striking the end of another broadside.

The semi was headed east bound on Alabama Highway 10 and ran off the road after it topped the hill before RMCCA.

After leaving the roadway, the semi went through a storm drain ditch causing oil pan or hydraulic line damage to the truck. It then crossed Mountain View Drive and entered the park.

The semi, upon entering the park, went by a light pole and took out the guide wire for the pole. It also caused the transformer to blow leaving the park without electricity.

The semi continued further glancing one mobile home before broadsiding a second mobile home and severely damaging one end and coming to a stop.

An officer with the Greenville Police Department stated he received a call at approximately 5:38 a.m. when emergency personnel were dispatched to the scene by 911.

Four residents of the park were taken to RMCCA for evaluation. One was from the mobile home, which was broadsided, and three were from the mobile home, which was glanced.

The driver of the semi, which had a company logo for Dual Logistics out of Andalusia, was also taken to RMCCA for evaluation.

A resident at the park said they woke up to a loud boom and then a loud crashing noise. Upon investigating they found the semi-truck had crashed into a neighbor’s mobile home.

They indicated that two sisters lived in mobile home that was broadsided. One of the sisters, who typically stayed in the end which was destroyed, had been taken for a dialysis treatment around 4:30 a.m. that morning

The mobile home, which was glanced, was occupied by three children and their mother.

Another resident of the mobile home park who was on scene said, “It was like the whole park shook and then there was a loud boom.”

Till’s Wrecker Service was called to remove the semi from the park and by 9:30 a.m. the semi had been removed and first responders had returned to duty.

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