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This day in sports history


The Greenville Standard


Alabama and Auburn had big games on Nov. 13, 1971.

Alabama (9-0) played Miami for homecoming. Johnny Musso didn’t play because of an injury that happened the week before at LSU.

Wilbur Jackson started at his position. Jackson scored on 67-yard run.

Miami had two outstanding players on their team, RB Chuck Foreman and DB Burgess Owens. Alabama won 31-3.

Auburn (8-0) played at Georgia (9-0). Today this game would have been on TV. Pat Sullivan and Terry Beasley led the way for The Tigers.

Auburn jumped out to a 14-0 lead. Georgia came back to tie it 14-14. Auburn then went back ahead 21-14.

This is where the game turned around for Auburn. Georgia scored a touchdown. The extra point kick was blocked by Auburn’s Roger Mitchell. The score is now 21-20.

On the first or second play, Sullivan passed to Beasley down the middle. Two Georgia players hit Beasley at his hip on both sides. Not a high low hit, they bounced off him and hit the ground.

It was clear sailing for Beasley. I was in the press box with my daddy watching the Alabama game and listening to the AU-UGA game.

There were fans in the stands doing the same. When this play happened you could cheering in the stands. Auburn went on to win 35-20.

Georgia’s dreams of an undefeated season were dashed. It was the first time ever both Alabama and Auburn entered the Iron Bowl undefeated.

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