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GPD hosts Tactical Training Course

Special to The Standard


Instructors with the Greenville Police Department’s Special Response Team (SRT) hosted an Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission approved 5-day Tactical Operator Level 1 Certification Course (40 hours) Nov. 1-5.

Greenville Police Chief Justin Lovvorn said, “This course was for current or future tactical operators assigned to tactical teams and taught the skills needed to carry out tactical operations in a safe and efficient manner which will help ensure operational success.

”Students acquired the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to ensure team readiness to handle critical incidents that they may be called upon to respond to.

“Students had to pass a physical fitness test and firearms qualification on day one of this course before they could continue with the training.

“This is one of the most difficult and hazardous trainings that law enforcement officers may choose to attend.

“Topics covered in this course were: firearms manipulation, transition and marksmanship; room entries and tactical movements; target reconnaissance, threat assessment, and breaching techniques.

“Greenville Police Department Instructors certified each participant in less than lethal munitions and chemical munitions.

“Each student had to be exposed to chemical munitions and explosive devices as part of the training.

“The course was limited to certified, full time law enforcement.  We started with 14 students from various agencies and thirteen of those successfully completed the class.

“The instructors with the Greenville Police Department have an extensive background in tactical operations and have participated in numerous high risk incidents, as well as, attended nationally recognized training in tactical operations.

“We choose to use our skills and knowledge to benefit other area law enforcement that may need this type of training.

“This is the type of training that not only improves law enforcement’s response to an incident in order to better protect the public, but also helps the officer to respond in a manner which may increase their safety as well.

“We plan to offer this training at least once a year for surrounding agencies and we are planning a Level 2 Tactical Operator Course in the future as well.”


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