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Notes from Nov. 12 Commission meeting


The Greenville Standard


The Butler County Commission met on Friday, Nov. 12, for a special called meeting to discuss district rezoning and conduction of a business.

After calling the meeting to order and adoption of the agenda, two representatives from different investment firms were invited to speak concerning their company’s background and the governmental bond market.

The next item on the agenda was to approve off premises only wine and beer alcohol license application for Sriraj LLC, aka Big Daddy’s C Store. The license was approved.

The Commission next approved a resolution for new district lines as prepared by the state.

A map in the meeting room depicted the changes. Another displayed that District 3 would cede a portion to District 4 and District 5 would cede a portion to District 1.

A discussion was held regarding specific changes and the need to change two voting house locations later in the meeting.

The Commission then approved a temporary premium pay to county employees making under $72,000. It was explained the funds were made possible from COVID funds.

Qualified employees would receive $13 an hour for the month of December.

Next on the agenda was to approve an amendment to GovEase LLC Contract for auctions fees added to delinquent billing and handling for the tax lien auction.

Revenue Commissioner, Deborah Crews, explained there would be no cost to the taxpayers because fees would be added to the sale. It was approved.

The Commission next approved an amendment to the General and Gasoline Fund and then the minutes of the Oct. 12 and Oct. 28 meetings.

Sheriff Danny Bond gave a brief Correctional Facility report and stated he had received verbal word the facility had received a $255,000 grant from COVID funds to upgrade communication, ventilation, and x-ray machine.

Next, EMA Director Josh McDougal gave his report and received approval for a 21ESL Agreement for EMA Salary Reimbursement and also a resolution for Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Next, County Engineer Dennis McCall gave his report and received approval for a highway modification plan to place turn lanes on US Hwy 31 at Coastal Forest Products and to replace a bridge over a tributary of Pigeon Creek on Peavy Road.

After approving payment of bills the Commission adjourned.

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