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This day in sports history


The Greenville Standard


Alabama won its 29th SEC Championship by beating Georgia 41-24 in this year’s championship game in Atlanta.

Alabama was a 6.5 point underdog for the first time since 2015 to Georgia as a one point underdog.

Alabama won 38-10 in 2015. Alabama is now 8-1 in SEC Championship Games.

The first game was 2008 vs Florida and they lost 31-20. The Gators won the National Championship that season.

Since then, Alabama has been on a tear. In 2008, they beat Florida 32-13.

In 2012, they beat Georgia 32-28. In 2014, they rolled over Missouri 42-13.

In 2015, they beat Florida 29-15. In 2016, they trounced Florida 54-16.

In 2018, they won late in game against Georgia 35-28. In 2020, it was a high scoring game with Alabama beating Florida 52-46.

In 2021, Alabama was the underdog. After a slow start for Alabama, They found their footing and never looked back, beating Georgia 41-24.

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