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This day in sports history


The Greenville Standard


Fred Signton (Feb. 24, 1910 – Aug. 20, 1998), played at Alabama from 1928-30.

He was from Birmingham and graduated from Phillips High School in 1927.

He was a two-time All-Southern Tackle (1929-1930) and Unanimous All-American 1930.

He was he the top lineman in the nation 1930. Sington led Alabama to the national championship going 10-0.

He played Washington State in the Rose Bowl winning 24-0. Alabama gave up a total of 13 points that season.

Rudy Valle singer wrote a song about Signton, “Football Freeddie”, that would go on to become a nationwide hit.

Signton also played professional baseball. He played for The Washington Senators and The Brooklyn Dodgers. Signton was in sporting goods business, with several stores across Alabama.

He was inducted into The College Football Hall of Fame in 1955.

Signton was named to the Associated Press Southeast Area All-Time Football team 1920 –

1969 era.

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