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GPD looking for burglars


The Greenville Standard


According to a press release by Greenville Police Department (GPD) Chief Justin Lovvorn on April 4 at around 1:30 am in the morning, officers received a call about an individual trespassing at a residence on West Gamble Street.

Lovvorn stated GPD officers were dispatched to the scene but were unable to locate anyone in the area.

As they continued their search, they were notified of five vehicles in a five block radius that had been opened and looked through.

All the vehicles had been left unlocked and only a few items appeared to be taken from the vehicles.

Those items were located in a nearby trashcan and returned to the owner.

Lovvorn added, “One vehicle had the keys in it and was taken from the residence.

“Investigators also located that vehicle in a nearby isolated location only a few minutes after it was reported missing. Investigators processed the vehicle for evidence and returned it to the owner.

”Investigators were also able to obtain video of two individuals who were walking in the area going house to house looking in vehicles during this time frame.

Lovvorn asks anyone who may have information to call the GPD at 334-382-7461 and ask for an investigator.

He also stated, “Please, don’t make it easy for criminals and follow these tips:

“Always lock your car doors, even when at home. Take any valuables out of the vehicle or at least out of site.

“Park in a well-lit garage or other well-lit area. Consider installing security cameras on the exterior of your residence.

“Never leave a handgun or other weapon in a vehicle unattended or unlocked. If at all possible, put all firearms inside your residence and don’t leave them in vehicles.

“Lastly, it is vital that you always call 911 to report any suspicious activity or person.

“If you follow these simple suggestions, it will greatly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of this type of crime.”

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