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Georgiana School recently hosted their 2022 annual Summer Youth Basketball Camp from June 1 to June 3.

Head coach Kirk Norris indicated they were over 60 kids at the camp.

He said the campers were split into four groups by age (NBA, Big 12, G-League, and SEC).

Campers worked on the fundamentals in the morning, which included shooting, passing, dribbling/ball handling, and defense.

Competition games were held after that and included hot shot, free throws, and gotcha with a 5 on 5 at the end of each day.

Norris said, “We had winners each day in the camp competition games and had an overall camp champion for each league and competition on the last day.


The winners by each group:



Free Throws – Cadence McClain

Hot Shot – Hayden Bozeman

Gotcha – Hayden Bozeman

Campers of the Week – Javian Marhsall and Cadence McClain


BIG 12

Free Throws – Ryan Blackburn

Hot Shot – Christopher Hall

Gotcha – TJ Finklea

Campers of the Week – Lakendron Williams and Shazaria Owens



Free Throws – Braxton Willis

Hot Shot – Tucker Bolton

Gotcha – Zion Hall

Campers of the Week – Kayden Peterson and Kaydence Young



Free Throws – Ridge Gomillion

Hot Shot – Ridge Gomillion

Gotcha – Ridge Gomillion

Campers of the Week – Carson Thagard and Mary Kathryn Blackburn

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