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June 14 Commission notes


The Greenville Standard


The Butler County Commission met on June 14 at the regular monthly meeting which occurs on the second Tuesday of the month. All commissioners were present.

After adopting the agenda, the commission agreed for Murray Fail to be a temporary emergency replacement to The Board of Equalization.

It was explained the State of Alabama will ultimately determine who fills the term of the vacancy but the county could name an emergency replacement.

The commission then approved a one-time lump sum payment (cost of living adjustment) to Butler County Retirees Retirement System of Alabama in the total amount of $23,268 to be paid in the October payout.

Next on the agenda was a resolution to approve or not approve medical cannabis outside of municipalities. The commissioners spoke briefly of concerns and tabled the resolution until the July meeting.

The commission then approved the Minutes of the May 10, 2022 meeting.

After that, they listened to Butler County Sheriff Danny Bond note the Butler County Correction Facility had one of its two water heaters malfunction.

The commission discussed options for replacing the current water heater, which would involve hiring a contractor and boom truck, or possibly installing on-demand water heaters.

It was noted by the commission that a similar incident with water heater failure occurred four years prior.

The commission would later call for an emergency meeting Wednesday morning, June 1, to approve for the incoming chairman, Joey Peavy, to negotiate the cost and replacement of the water heaters.

Next, the commission approved to declare of 2015 Chevy Tahoe as surplus and donate it to the Town of McKenzie.

Sheriff Bond explained the vehicle needed a motor and McKenzie has the funds through a grant to replace the motor.

Dennis McCall, the Butler County Engineer), spoke next and sought approval to accept bids for resurfacing of Shows Road and Bluebird Drive.

The winning bidder for both projects was Mid South Paving. Shows Road, which will be approximately 8.7 miles of resurfacing, will cost approximately $1,677,870.55. Blue Bird Drive, which will be approximately 1.7 miles of resurfacing, will cost approximately $366,439.15.

McCall next sought and gained approval for a resolution to seek annual public works bids.

He then updated the commission of results for J.M. Wood auction results from four 2021 tri-axle Mac trucks.

The trucks were purchased for $154,000 and sold at auction for an average of $211,000. The county realized a $210,000 profit after associated fees.

They then tabled a request to process start of approval to move the American Legion voting location elsewhere. It was noted they might change voting location after the general election.

Next, the commission approved an ARPA payout to employees of $2,080 over a four pay period payout beginning July 7.

The commission then voted to remove Darrell Sanders from the signature sheet to Community Neighbor Bank and approved Joey Peavy as replacement.

They next voted to use Goodwyn Mill Cawood as the architect for new roofs on the Commission Office and Health Department because both projects would exceed $50,000.

The commission then amended the budget to include an extra $1,500 paid to the Three Arts Club of Georgiana. The club originally was supposed to receive on $1,500 but through an honest mistake was given extra funds. The club used the money to help paint the Hank Williams, Sr. Museum in Georgiana.


Next the commission approved to pay the bills, acknowledged a tax abatement by the City of Greenville for Hwashin, and approved to adjourn.




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