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Battle of the Badges: Guns vs Hoses

On Saturday, July 30, Greenville Volleyball held a fund raiser event called the “Battle of the Badges: Guns vs Hoses.” The event was the first of its kind for Greenville area schools to raise funds for the middle school, junior varsity and varsity volleyball teams. There was a good turnout to watch the Greenville Police Department (GPD) match up against the Greenville Fire Department (GFD) and compete against each other in volleyball and basketball. At the end of play, the GPD bested the GFD in both volleyball and basketball. They won two games of three in volleyball, with each game ending in a score of 15-10. In basketball, the GPD won 46-28. Head coach SaRhonda Cheatham said, “We would like to thank everyone for coming out to support our volleyball teams during Battle of the Badges: Guns vs Hoses! Special thanks to the Greenville Police & Greenville Fire Departments. You all played great! In our book, you are all winners.” (Bruce Branum | The Standard)

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