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Save our Bridge


The Greenville Standard


“Save our Bridge”. That’s what the banner says when it’s completely unfurled.

I’m referring to the banner that adorns the walking bridge in downtown Georgiana that crosses over the railroad tracks.

This 118-year old iconic structure was constructed in 1904 when it replaced another that was in desperate need of repair.

The bridge brings back fond and nostalgic memories for many generations of Georgiana citizens.

The bridge was slated to be taken down by Chessie System and Seaboard Coastline Industries United (CSX) sometime in the spring of 2019, but a group of Georgiana citizens were able to stop the destruction of the bridge.

CSX agreed to support the wishes of the concerned group, giving them time to get it on the Alabama Historical Register and make repairs to the structure.

There were no time frames or demands made by CSX.

The group of concerned citizens were able to reinstate Georgiana’s Historical Landmark Preservation Society and has managed to get the waning structure on Alabama’s historical landmark registry.

Now that the bridge is an Alabama historical landmark, the Society has been seeking Engineering firms to help in determining the overall cost of restoration repairs for the bridge before proceeding again with fund raising.

The COVID pandemic put a Kybosh on most of their efforts but the Society’s Vice President Nancy Coburn said, “We are moving forward and pursuing grants.”

Coburn created the Facebook page for the bridge in hopes of raising interest and funds.

The Georgiana structure needs your help. Tax deductible donations may be mailed to the Georgiana’s Historical Landmark Foundation Society, P.O. Box 235, Georgiana, AL 36033.

Donations can also be left at Georgiana City Hall.

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