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BCBOE approves new GHS stadium


The Greenville Standard


The Butler County Board of Education (BCBOE) met for a regular business meeting on Thursday, Sept. 15.

In attendance were board members Wayne Boswell, Michael Nimmer, Brandon Sellars, and Eric Gomillion. Carolyn Crenshaw was not present.

After a call to order and approval of the agenda, the board approved the Aug. 18 regular meeting minutes and payroll.

Butler County School System (BCSS) Superintendent Joe Eiland then gave his update to the board.

In his update, he recognized Cheryl Stanford (Georgiana School) for actions related to security and safety of students, Deborah Hall Whittingdon (pastor of Long Creek Church) for actions related to student security, and Allen Stephenson (pastor of First Baptist Church, Georgiana) for faithful and dedicated service.

He also recognized Butler County Board of Education members Wayne Boswell, Carolyn Crenshaw, Michael Nimmer, and Brandon Sellars for completion of all of the school board governance training requirements.

The board then approved the only bid for milk supplies to the school system. It was awarded to Legend Dairy, LLC in the amount of 22,403.56.

The next order of business was the report of bid results for the new Greenville High School Stadium.

Three bids were returned and Eiland recommended the acceptance of the low bid from Sharpe, Inc.

The low bid was $5,796,000. The other bids were in the amount of $6,500,000 and 6,898,400.

Alternate bids for artificial turf were rejected at Eiland’s recommendation but he indicated turf was not “off the table” and he would work with the architect and winning bidder for the stadium to negotiate better pricing on turf.

After some discussion about lighting and a “jumbo Tron” like scoreboard, the board approved the Sharpe, Inc. bid.

The board then gave approval to seek bids for bleachers for the Greenville High School gymnasium.

They then approved a salary schedule revision, the personnel report, and the five-year capital outlay plan.

The next item to pass was a resolution in support of Act #2022-150, which the board did.

The resolution stated in part:

“WHEREAS the Butler County Board of Education is aware that Alabama’s voters will consider on the November 8 General Election ballot Act #2022-150, which would prohibit any municipality lying within the county from forming a separate city school system after January 1, 2022, without the prior approval of a majority of the qualified electors of Butler County voting at a referendum election.

“WHEREAS, the Butler County Board of Education believes that it has a responsibility to educate voters regarding the importance of Act #2022-150;

“NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the members of the Butler County Board of Education support passage of Act #2022-150 and determine that advocating the passage of Act #2022-150 serves a public purpose and furthers the purposes and missions of the school system dedicated to the education of children.

After an executive session to discuss good name and character and a legal update, the board adjourned.

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