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Gana, McKenzie get resource officer


The Greenville Standard


The Butler County School System (BCSS) in a collaborative effort between Butler County Sheriff Danny Bond, Butler County Commission Chairman Joey Peavy, Commissioner Darryl Sanders, State Representative Chris Sells, and Greenville Police Chief Justin Lovvorn, has entered into a one-year Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) through the Butler County Sheriff’s Office to fund a School Resource Officer (SRO).

A press release by the BCSS stated, “A re-issuance of this MOA is highly dependent upon our school system’s funding ability as we made cuts in other areas to be able to set aside the funds for an SRO.”

Officer Ricky Meeks, a retired Greenville Police Department officer, was hired by Bond to fill the SRO position beginning Jan. 4.

Georgiana and McKenzie School principals Deedra Benson and Michael Collins and Meeks are working together to create schedules for Meeks that cannot be patterned.

The BCSS has plans to enter into a similar MOA with the Greenville Police Department to fund an additional SRO for Greenville Middle School, Greenville Elementary School and WO Parmer.

The press release added the BCSS was thankful to Chief Lovvorn, Greenville Mayor Dexter McLendon, and the city council for years of SRO service at Greenville High School, which is totally funded by Greenville.

It also stated, “We are blessed that the City of Greenville took on this service and safety measure for Greenville High School as not all city municipalities across our state are able or willing to do.”

“Earlier this school year, Sells provided additional funds to go toward this much anticipated addition to our school safety program.”

The BCSS is hopeful a new line-item for such safety measures will become law during the upcoming legislative session.

The BCSS also thanked Lisa Adair, Federal Programs Director, for working through federal programs to find funds for the SRO and the Butler County Board of Education members for their support.

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