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The Greenville Standard


During the Alabama/Greenville Dixies Debs tournament play in Alexandria, La., team member Sy’Nya Edwards suffered a severe ankle sprain Sunday evening, July 30, during Greenville’s win against the North Carolina Dixie Debs.

After the game, Edwards was sitting in the hotel lobby, waiting to be taken to a local hospital emergency room to have her ankle checked.

She was approached by Dusty Malugen, who coaches the Tennessee/Wayne County Dixie Belles.

Malugen is the pastor of Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Iron City, Tenn., and also a deputy sheriff with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department.

After teasing Edwards a bit about messing with her foot, he offered to pray for her and she graciously accepted.

Edwards is no stranger to faith and love for she is a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and also attends Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Butler County.

The event was covered by Scott Bentley with Butler County Sports Network and recounted on Facebook.

Shortly thereafter, Wayne County News picked up on the story and covered it.

To follow is the article that was published in the Wayne County News, who graciously shared with this newspaper.


Wayne County Dixie Belles coach spreads faith and love



Wayne County News


Sports writer Scott Bentley posted the following on social media on Monday. It’s wonderful when someone from one of our hometowns is noticed and recognized for their actions.

This is the post made by Bentley:

“There was a special moment in the lobby of a hotel room in Alexandria, Louisiana last night. Alabama All Star, Sy’Nya Edwards, sustained an injury during the win over North Carolina. After fighting her way to the room, she decided best to go to the ER and get it checked.

“In the lobby, a Coach with the Wayne County, Tennessee Belles division All-Star team was picking with her, as if he was going to mess with her foot. He said “do you want me to do it?” Sy’Nya said “what!?” And he replied, “pray for you.”

“The room broke out in prayer for Sy’Nya, led by this “stranger” from Tennessee.

“After a long night at the emergency room, doctors confirmed Sy’Nya did not suffer any broken bones, but a severe ankle sprain.

“Y’all think about Sy’Nya tonight as you watch the games, and shout out to Dusty Malugen from Wayne County, Tennessee.”

Comments on the post were flooding in, supporting our very own Dusty Malugen.

“Love this. Don’t be ashamed to pray anywhere. Lives are touched by this”

“All these girls need our prayers for their protection and safety. I was there Saturday and Sunday supporting a relative. Temperature of 102* and heat index was 119*.”

“Love this we need more love in this world!!”

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