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Dewberry’s getting closer

Exterior work has begun on a new restaurant coming to downtown Greenville.  The announcement of Dewberry’s Steakhouse came in 2021.

Architectural and interior work began in 2022, but due to unforeseen variables major renovations were slowed until recently.

Greenville Mayor Dexter McLendon says he is excited to see the major renovations officially “break ground.”

“We’d all like to see noticeable progress in community projects as soon as they are announced, yet we often forget the effort and dedication needed for even small improvements and changes.  Patience may be a virtue but it’s not always easy to have,” said McLendon.

“We have a lot of positive exciting projects going on in Greenville and this particular one is huge and it’s a great opportunity for downtown Greenville and surrounding areas.”

The location, a beautiful three story historic building built in 1910 by J.S. McMullan, was built and used to house McMullan’s wholesale groceries and feed and seed for years.

According to local town history buff, Tom Braxton, the building also served as a warehouse for Hainje’s Furniture and was also used by Major’s Floor Covering for a few years.

The landmark building has also been part of a movie. “Honeydripper,” featuring actor Danny Glover, was filmed in the area nearly 15 years ago.

According to owners and operators, Morgan Heartsill and Mike Pouncey, Dewberry’s Steakhouse will offer patrons the experience of stepping back in time to the 1920’s time frame.

“The entire concept will be geared towards the roaring twenties era,” said Pouncey.  “Staff will be dressed in character and every little detail of the restaurant will create a unique experience for guests.”

The “Roaring Twenties” era was memorable for huge growth in areas from artistic expression and popular entertainment to industry and prohibition.

The theme of the restaurant is just that – a “theme” according to Morgan and Mike. “We created the concept and the theme based on the roaring twenties era.  The name Dewberry’s and the concept doesn’t depict anyone or anything – the business is not going to truly be a bootlegging distillery – we simply created a fictional name and theme around the 1920’s time frame,” said Pouncey.

“Dewberry’s will offer steak, barbecue ribs and chicken, and house specials such as fried lobster tail and tasty desserts, and a full bar area,” said Heartsill.

“Once renovations are complete and the establishment is operating on all cylinders, the restaurant will be able to seat around 300 guests and employ anywhere from 40-50 jobs.”

“We want Dewberry’s to be a place locals and visitors alike come to – our goal is to make it a destination place,” said Heartsill.

“We want to create something that Greenville and Butler County is proud of and draws people near and far – that will be a positive for everyone involved.”

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