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GHS School Days: 1962-63, Part 13 Classmate accomplishments



Having ended our years as the Greenville High School Class of 1963, we totaled up our accomplishments.

Barbara Bolen was the Valedictorian and Gaynelle Miller was Salutatorian.

Paul McIntyre was President of the Student Council; Eddie Newton, Vice-President; Sharon Mallette, Secretary-Treasurer; and Don Waite, Reporter (all seniors).

Ronny Owen was Senior Class President; Eddie Newton, Vice President; Kay Shirley, Secretary; and Joanne Atchison was Treasurer.

Eddie Newton was President of the Senior National Honor Society; Gail Reid was Vice-President; Kay Shirley was Secretary; and Nancy Davis was Treasurer.  Kay Shirley and Kay Watts were The Editors of The Boomerang.

In the summer of 1962 before our senior year, Linda Walton and Kay Watts were selected to represent Greenville at Girls’ State.

Kermit Brown, Randy Grayson, Paul McIntyre, Eddie Newton, Ronny Owen and Carter Anthony represented Greenville at Boys’ State.

Our class was the first in the history of GHS to have two young ladies selected as “Miss GHS”.

Jean Ferguson was named Miss GHS in 1961 and Linda Walton was Miss GHS in 1963.

Sharon Green was our Homecoming Queen. Our float won first place in the Homecoming Parade and our stunt, “The Assassination of Lincoln” featuring Cholly Snow and Ted Tindal won first place at Stunt Night.

Among statewide honors, Barbara Bolen served as president of the Alabama Chapter of Future Teachers of America; Joanne Creech was Alabama’s Maid of Cotton; Ted Tindal was one of the leaders in Alabama Future Farmers of America; Donald Thrower was Vice President of the Alabama D. O. Club; and Don Waite was vice president of Alabama D.E.C.A.

Honors and scholarships included:  Martha Crenshaw, National Merit Scholarship Finalist and a Tulane University Honor Scholarship; Paul McIntyre, Eddie Newton and Ronny Owen, W. O. Parmer Scholarships; Paul McIntyre and Ronny Owen, Civitan Scholarships; Jane Braden and Nancy Butler, U. D. C. scholarships; Kay Watts, D. A. R. Scholarship and Larry Jones, football scholarship to Troy.

In the words of our fine Principal, Mr. Guy Walton, Jr., “And so another class is graduated from Greenville High School.  Just what is a ‘high school education’?

“Preparation for additional formal education?  Preparation for the world of work?  An end in itself?

“These are questions which each student must answer for himself.  My wish for this group of seniors is that Greenville High School has provided the foundation for future success and a good life.”

As our Class Historians, Barbara Bolen, Suzanne Brock and Linda Walton wrote in May of 1963, “We have launched our rockets and the sky is the limit!

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