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McKenzie mauls Kinston


The Greenville Standard


The McKenzie Tigers hosted the Kinston Bulldogs for senior night for the last home game of the season.

The Bulldogs put up a fight, but the Tigers were prepared for a victory. Kinston ultimately fell to McKenzie 46-19.

McKenzie received the opening kickoff but was unable to capitalize off any yardage and turned over on downs to the Bulldogs.

Kinston came out of the gates hot and were the first to score with 4:32 on the clock in the first quarter. The field goal was good and the Bulldogs led 7-0.

The Tigers make early adjustments and battled back. Johnathan Davison hustled to the one yard line at the change of quarters setting the Tigers up for a first and goal.

Jayden McMillian took over as a host of Tigers pushed McMillian across the plain to score for a McKenzie touchdown. The field goal was good and the game tied at 7-7.

This set the pace for the game for the remainder of the evening.

Tyson Stewart was eager for quarterback sacks causing a loss of yardage for the Bulldogs late in the second quarter.

Rand Odom leapt for an interception but McKenzie was unable to get to the red zone with the interception.

Kinston forced a fumble and took it to the end zone to take the lead in the second quarter 13-7.

The Tiger offense returned to the field ready as McMillian gunned a long pass to Skylar Sanders for a touchdown as McKenzie took the lead in the second quarter.

Kinston attempted to adjust to the Tigers defense, but is no match against McKenzie.

Grayson Blackburn recovered a forced fumble for the Tigers on the 35-yard line setting McKenzie up for a touchdown by Jay Jackson.

Odom made another inception on the 41-yard line at the close of the first half. Jackson sprinted to the end zone with a long pass closing the first half 33-13 with a big lead for the Tigers.

The McMillians team up again in the second half for yet another Tiger touchdown in the third quarter.

Clayton Martin mad an impressive 72-yard run scoring for McKenzie in the fourth quarter.

The Bulldogs were able to score in the fourth but it was not enough to close the gap.

McKenzie will travel to Houston County this Friday night for region game.

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