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GCS launches camellia show


The Greenville Standard


The Greenville Camellia Society officially launched their upcoming Camellia Show to be held Jan. 27-28 at Beeland Park on Wednesday, Dec. 6.

GCS president Jan Newton spoke to a crowd of attendees before a ribbon cutting at the park’s entrance.

She said, “What an exciting day! We are launching our upcoming Camellia Show!”

She added, “We are especially pleased Rep. Chris Sells is with us today. He and Sen. Robert Stewart are the two men we want to celebrate. They each awarded our club a grant that is being used to promote our show.”

She noted many people are planning to attend the show and some will compete with their camellia blooms.

Newton added, “Everyone knows that events bringing people to our town means exposure and potential economic growth. Our camellia city branding is gaining recognition and lots of interest. People are beginning to wonder “Hey, what’s going on in Greenville.”

“This ACS endorsed Camellia Show is a huge deal for our community. Our city is chocked full of camellia history.

“It was Greenville citizens that took the idea to the state and got the legislature to name the camellia as our state flower.”

The GCS embarked upon having the Beeland Park Camellia Gardens added the American Camellia Society’s (ACS) National Camellia Trail in February and that goal was realized in April.

One of the stipulations associated with the honor is that GCS must hold an ACS sponsored camellia show.

Newton said, “Our members have worked diligently to plan and promote the camellia show. Many years ago, year after year, the largest camellia show in the state was held in Greenville. We can recapture that history and make it happen again.”

She added, “I would like to thank Mayor McLendon for his support and enthusiasm for the show. Your enthusiasm for Greenville is infectious and we are totally on board with you to make Greenville a great place to live and do business.”

After the ribbon cutting attendees were invited to a reception of delicious treats.

Newton said, “The camellia is called “the winter rose” meaning it blooms from October to March in our winter months. Many varieties are blooming right now in our gardens. If you have time, please enjoy a stroll through our gardens and the new signs at their entrance.”

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