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Women of God, “Let’s make history!”

By Carolyn Griffin


I am amazed at the God inspired ideas that come to me during my early morning times of prayer and meditation, and as I am driving.

If I add them to the dreams and visions that I have, and follow through on just a few, I could add the title of “Kingdom Event Planning Strategist,” to some of the other interesting titles that I have been given in Greenville.

Thanks to people like Sharlean Briggs, Tracy Salter, Michelle “Buffy” Styron, Isaiah Scott, and Bishop Wiley Thornton, some of these titles are now a part of my official bio. (LOL)

Sometimes I will stop and write down what I hear and see, then decide to revisit it at another time. Many times, I will just ponder it in my heart to make sure that it is a God idea, not just a good one.

There are times when that works out simply fine, but lately the Spirit has been reminding me that I have left too many things on paper or in my heart, that God had instructed me to execute. My plethora of excuses for not doing them, just aren’t working these days.

This history making idea for women of God to come together in fellowship connects a vision written many years ago to our present prayer initiatives that focus on love, unity, and oneness in the Body of Christ.

The vision is a Women’s Prayer Breakfast on Saturday morning, March 30. My first thoughts were that that’s a busy time and many women couldn’t make it. I was immediately reminded of the women who could, and would welcome the time of prayer, food, and fellowship.

I scheduled a meeting for this week with Tracy to work out the details and pull this off in less than three weeks. I thought about a few other things to jot down before our meeting on Tuesday.

As I prepared to write a faith article centered around  Women’s History Month, I realized that this was the perfect opportunity for women to make history right here in our community.

I was reminded that all things are possible when Women of God come together in faith for a Kingdom cause.

Writing a faith article about this vision will ensure that I follow it through to completion. It is my prayer that as women of God read this article this week, they will be inclined to arrange to join us for breakfast and prayer from 8-10 a.m. on the morning before Resurrection Sunday.

We can look forward to a wonderful breakfast prepared by some of the caring men of God in our community. We will be served by our youth. Most importantly there will be praise, worship, prayer, fellowship, and fun.

Yes, we will make history as we tear down walls that divide us and unite under the banner of love. I envision women from the garden clubs praying with and for sisters from the sororities.

I can see doctors, judges, and professional women getting to know the struggling single mothers and those who work in factories and plants.

Pastors and leaders can get to know more people outside of their local congregations.  I imagine us crossing social, economic, racial, and denominational lines as we unite in prayer to advance God’s Kingdom.

God is sending the help to run with this vision. I will finish writing it and making it plain.

I know that we will be gathering at Dunbar Community Center located at 208 School Highlands Road in Greenville.

We will be using social media, radio, and our local papers to provide registration information and additional details.

We are excited to partner with the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce, Greenville Parks and Recreation, Sweet Heart Alabama, Sav-A-Child Center, Butler County Ministerial Association, Butler County Extension Office, and other local businesses to make this moment in women’s history in Butler County one that will not only celebrate the achievements of those women who have gone before us, but also inspire those who will come after us.

For more information contact Carolyn Robinson Griffin at 334-450-5400 or Danan Whiddon at Sweet Heart Alabama 334-357-7234.

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