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The Living Last Supper well attended


The Greenville Standard


The Living Last Supper: The Homecoming Feast was produced by St. Thomas Episcopal Church and presented to the community free of charge on Tuesday, March 26, at the Ritz Theater.

Kenneth Edwards, St. Thomas Rector Linda Suzanne Borgen, and Cleve Poole welcomed visitors and outlined the play and its relevance during the Holy Week leading up to Easter.

The opening scene of the play depicted Jesus and his twelve disciples as seen in one of the world’s most famous paintings, The Last Supper.

This mural by Leonardo da Vinci was painted in the late 15th century on the wall of the Refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy.

It measures 15 feet by 29 feet and portrays the Passover meal where Jesus revealed to His disciples that He would be betrayed.

The dramatization included a frozen replica of poses from the painting wherein each disciple and finally Jesus deliver bold and heart-wrenching monologues.

The actors included Nathaniel (Jim McGowin), James the Lesser (Richard Boulay), Andrew (Gary Richardson), Judas (Mickey Worthington), Peter (Mack Russell), John (Kenneth Edwards), Jesus (Carey Stallworth), Thomas (Dent Neilson), James (Tommy Ryan), Phillip (Trent Thomas), Matthew (Adam Keith), Thaddeus (Bill Hamilton), and Simon (Thorn McIntyre).

Pianist Gerri McGinnis played a variety of selections between the monologues. Staging was provided by Mary Dearing and Ann Garrett.

Marianna Russell compiled the programs and Lori Neilson coordinated the theater with Ron Rice on lights and Tim Roberts with sound.

As requested to reflect the solemnity of the subject, the large audience left the theater in reverence and without applause.

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