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Women’s Prayer Breakfast unifies

God was truly glorified as Women of God came together for the Inaugural Women’s History Month Prayer Breakfast. His presence was felt by all who were in attendance. Women of different denominations, races, cultures, social, and economic backgrounds united in prayer, praise, and worship. The love of God permeated the room. We were served an amazing breakfast, under the leadership of Mr. Kenneth Harrel and Ms. Renee. We are grateful for the Men of God, and Mrs. Reneasha Gardner Hasley and the Amicettes who assisted in serving us. Jerome Harris III and his staff were amazing. We will thank our team, supporters, and all who donated in a future article. You will also hear from some of those who were in attendance. We were blessed to hear words of encouragement and prayers from women in the county, including Mother Ozzie Franklin who is 95 years blessed and Mrs. Rachel Searcy. The Breakfast was dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Margie Kennedy. Pictured above, Evangelist Caroly Griffin is pictured with Rachel Searcy. Picture below, Mother Ozzie Franklin prays for unity at the breakfast. (Photos submitted)

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