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Alabama one of the worst states to deer hunt



According to Alabama is one of the four worst states to hunt in this season. According to the Real Tree website, Alabama receives a grade D this season. The reason is the deer population figures remain about the same but there really hasn’t been much to brag about for trophy bucks.

The website claims for hunters just wanting to bag a few deer, Alabama has plenty, just don’t set your sights too high when it comes to headgear.

The website does say there are some massive racks in Alabama, they just don’t turn up very often.

There has been a three-buck limit in place since 2007 and the perception in-state is that hunters are beginning to take better quality bucks each year, so hopefully after this season Alabama will be able to recieve a better grade.

Also the website says the Black Belt region stretches across the central part of the state from border to border, somewhat about 40 miles north and 40 miles south of Interstate 80. Trophy and quality bucks turn up from all over the state, but this region is historically about the best. There are also some good odds in the northwestern part of the state for finding a trophy. Some of the top Wild Management Area’s for quality bucks include Barbour, Lowndes and Sam R. Murphy.


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