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Walk for a cure




Today we live in an area where the word “cancer” is heard entirely too often. It is comforting to know that there are people making a difference to do something about it; namely, participating in the American Society’s Relay for Life.

Greenville High School student, Alyssa Lear, witnessed firsthand the tragic touch of the disease. Recently in July, Alyssa lost her grandmother from her fight with cancer. From the experience, Alyssa has learned cancer is not the end, but the beginning. “I believe that cancer shouldn’t be the end of everything in your life, it should be the start. I don’t think my grandmother would have wanted me to stop fighting for her. I know she started living her life to the fullest even if it was the end” said Lear.

Alyssa has made it a priority to participate in the annual Relay for Life Beauty Pageant of Crenshaw County.

This year the pageant will be on Nov. 7. Each year she has walked in memory, and in honor of friends and loved ones, and every year she raises hundreds of dollars to give back to the American Cancer Society.

Alyssa is putting aside her intricate gowns and dazzling shoes to support Relay for Life. This is the first year without her grandmother there to cheer her on and help her raise money.

Alyssa is kindly asking for donations to the American Cancer Society. These donations will go towards the American Cancer Society’s efforts to end cancer.  Please contact her at 334-368-2680, or mail your donations to 2616 Dock Road Honoraville, Al 36042. All checks should be made payable to the American Cancer Society and your donation is tax deductible.

Please help Alyssa as she helps Relay for life and their efforts to end cancer.



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